Unforgettable perfume, ROSEMINE

ROSMINE, launched with shower cologne created by blending five roses, has been more popular across the country.
The main reason why Rosemine have been popular for 40 years in the fragile market that is easily created and easily disappeared is its perfume.
We continue to explore the beautiful and lovely perfume and make it into various body care products.




We suggest a classy lifestyle

MIMI LAURYNE’S offers a joy of reasonable perfume
Very high quality products, the value of the pleasure of a special experience, the pleasure of a refined and sensual perfume!
. MIMI LAURYNE’S has two thousands type of consentree that is sensitive to seasons and trends and offers a carefully selected perfume.
Change your tedious time with the pleasure of its sensual scents
A brand that offers a wide range of items from lifestyle to body care and home parfum.

Naturalistic skincare for oily and sensitive skin

Wormwood, gift of nature, is a plant that has strong vitality to sprout even in harsh environments. It contains extracts from these natural herbs, which not only supply rich moisture to the skin, but also help to shine and moisturize the skin.
Natural skin care with the extract of Artemisia, full of natural power, to deal with the skin concerns



Specialty Aromatic Care for Home Spa Care

Bathpa is a compound word of Bath + Spa.
A brand that gives comfort to tired and tired skin every day.
We offer a relaxing aroma blending care with a relaxing bathing scent that gives you the blue Australian sea spread out in our bathtub with Australian basalt and makes you feel like leaning with the comfortable scent.
And for a more vibrant lifestyle, we are also introducing sports care products as “lifestyle medicine project”.
Bathpa is an aroma specialty brand that caters to life's needs with variety and ingenuity.



Functional derma cosmetics promise strong effects

Panthenol + Elastic = PANTHESTIC
Panthestic, derma cosmetics brand, promises a fantastic effect. We propose various skin care prescriptions based on provitamin B5, which promotes skin regeneration and skin elasticity, and recovery ingredients.
Healthy skin starts with a solid foundation. By focusing only on the essence of the skin, it helps sensitive skin to restore a stable balance against irritation by various harmful environments.



Color match for your taste and sensation

The criteria for choosing a make-up product should start with whether it suits your taste or sensation, not the trend or recommendation of influential celebrities.
With Me is a makeup brand that is concerned with what is the most attractive you when you give off your raw charm and how its charm is shown.
Find your makeup color match with With Me reflecting your thoughts, philosophy and tone



Naturalistic Salon Care: Hair Solutions for Professionals

The rare ingredients obtained by boiling and extracting the leaves, roots and fruits from the ground are the journey of healing
Valmona seeks the answer to your hair concerns by using the ingredients of the land and forest. Sensitive scalp and damaged hair are constantly exploring nature with the belief that they can be strengthened on their own through continuous naturalistic care. Valmona is therefore an effective ingredient, from green herbs to dark black beans. Begin this naturalistic salon care journey with Valmona.



Body & Hair Lineup for Reliable Cleanliness

Pedison offers a variety of reasonable body & hair items.
Clean and safe woman cleanser available from the junior,
With moisturizers for ultra-sensitive skin and a super-sized 4 liters of protein hair shampoo, we offer a wide range of products to help you choose Pedison when you need healthy and clean cosmetics.



Give your life energy with a pleasant perfume

Roerance is always full of energy
Lots of natural ingredients to make your skin feel better, and Roerance's delightful energy blended with carefully selected citrus aromas.



Refreshing Breath from Natural Hub

It's definitely different from the natural toothpaste we've used.
It removes the cause of mouth odor with natural herb ingredients and contains xylitol, a natural sweetening substance, to maintain a pleasant mouth condition with a mild taste.
A natural remedy for safe use by the whole family.
Deal with from gums care to oral cavity care.

Stubby dinosaur feet, born again as baby feet!

We need a brand that focuses on only feet.
Just like a single thing makes the real difference, delicate care for the wrong place makes you perfect!
For dinosaur-like skin, now spend 30 minutes to change it to baby skin like a bobby bird!
You just need one face mask. What are you waiting for?
Bringing together the face mist that smashes the smell of your feet and moisturizing care foot cream, you'll complete a more perfect foot care program.

Solution for Sensitive Skin

The Power of Natural Ingredients + Synergy of Technical Power
Ceraclinic is a brand that designs the synergy of natural ingredients and skin technology with more precision.
Meet a range of solutions that create the wildness of a natural object with state-of-the-art technology.
When there's nothing more to add to nature, we suggest the extract series of Raw solution, resurrection plant hair series created by adding hair clinic's technology to resurrection plant that never dies, and customized solution for continuous skin care.