Key Performance and Status

Certified as the state-approved institute in June 2002
Owned bunch of technologies for body care. Development of various formulations and flavors of fragrance products. New formulations of new formulations of skincare. Approval of functional 104 items such as whitening, wrinkle reduction and ultraviolet rays. Development of functional raw materials through industry-university cooperation. Systematic evaluation through precision analysis instrument. Supplying the best products with ISO 9001 quality system. Securing quality through preliminary analysis of raw and subsidiary materials. Systematic management analysis of the stability, safety and effectiveness of semi-finished and finished products

Body Care Team

Product formulation using amino acid surfactan
Cellulite Product Development through Lipolysis Research
Body segmented product development
Mild cleaning power using vegetable raw materials

Various products such as skin moisturizing, slimming and firming
Shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser, body scrub, body oil, body powder, body firming lotion, body essence

Skin Care Team

Maximize the efficacy of sustained and sustained release active ingredients with DDS (Drug Delivery System) delivery method. Development of raw materials and products using NT (Nano Technology. Research on intercellular physiological mechanisms and MLV formulations similar to skin life to maximize skin Penetration effect. Owned various kinds of functional whitening, wrinkle reduction and UV products. Functional product development through industry-university cooperation.

Fragrance Product Team

Aromachological study on herb and aromatherapy research on efficacy Development of various flavors and fragrance products
Developed various products such as shower cologne, perfume, gel, powder perfume and alcohol-free perfume

Efficacy & Effectiveness Analysis Team

Maximization of efficacy and effectiveness of products applied to raw material screening products using cell culture and various in-vitro methods. Development of functional products and testing of efficacy and effectiveness of new substances such as Fibroblast and Keratinocyte through animal cell culture. Various formulation research and high SPF product development through in-vivo test using Solar Simulator . Functional product analysis using HPLC and UV / Vis Spectrophotometer. Development of various functional products such as wrinkle improvement, whitening, and ultraviolet light.

Quality Control Team

Supply the best products with ISO 9001 quality system. Test analysis and data management of raw and subsidiary materials. Assurance of systematic product development through compatibility test of contents and subsidiary materials and analysis of technical documentation. Safety and stability data management for semi-finished and finished products. Realize customer satisfaction with the pre/post-management system for products.